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Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Download Moviesda 480p. Pichaikkaran 2 is the latest  2023 released Tamil Movie. This movie was the sequel to the Pichaikkaran movie 2016. It was directed and debuted by Vijay Antony. You can watch Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Tamil Moviesda 480p For Free. 

On 19 May 2023, Pichaikkaran 2 is Tamil Movie was released in India. This movie was an Action, Drama, Science Fiction Movie. You will watch this movie in the nearest theaters. If you desire to watch this movie stay at home.

So you find many paid or Free OTT Platforms and websites. Watch or download this movie on the Disney+Hotstar movie Streaming platform. But you need to pay for the subscription Fee. In this article, we provide a short Review of the Pichaikkaran 2 Movie.

Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Download Moviesda

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Pichaikkaran 2 Movie

The movie Pichaikkaran 2 is the sequel to the 2016 movie Pichaikkaran. This was an Action Drama, Science fiction Tamil movie. On 19 May 2023, Pichaikkaran 2 was released in India.

Vijay Antony’s debut in this movie and also he was the director And writer of the movie. In the movie, Other Stars are Kavya Thapar, Radha Ravi, Hareesh Peradi, Y. G. Mahendran, Yogi Babu, John Vijay, Dev Gill, and Mansoor Ali Khan.

Pichaikkaran 2 was the ₹15 crore budget movie and Earn Grosse ₹36 crore on Box office. This movie received positive reviews and the IMDb rating is 5.7/10.

Short Story of the Pichaikkaran 2 Movie

Poor Satya gets caught in a situation that forces him to pretend to be a dead millionaire in order to find his missing sister. The story of Pichaikkaran 2 continues where the previous volume ended, with the medical community using beggars as test subjects for procedures such as human brain transplants. 

Although Vijay Antony owned stock in several large multinational companies, living among beggars made him feel at ease and happy for the first time. Vijay Antony stops multinational companies from using scientists to focus their studies on Indian beggars, consequently saving a beggar’s life, and unites the common people to oppose the medical mafia’s machinations.

Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Details

Movie Name:Pichaikkaran 2
Directed & Written by:Vijay Antony
Produced by:Fatima Vijay Antony
Genre:Action, Drama, Science Fiction movie
Language:Tamil, Hindi
Production company:Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Distributed by:Vijay Antony Film Corporation
Release date:19 May 2023
IMDb Rating:5.7/10
Box Office:₹ 35 cr

Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Cast

NameRole As
Vijay Antonydual role as Sathya’s, Gurumoorthy’s doppelganger
Kavya Thapar“Hema”
Dev Gill“Aravind”
John Vijay “Ilango”
Hareesh Peradi“Dr. Shiva”
Yogi Babu“Maddy”
Radha Ravi “Chief Minister”
Mansoor Ali Khan“ACP Gopal”
Y. G. Mahendran“M. Krishna Iyer”
Mohan Raman“Public Prosecutor Krishnaswamy”
Raja Krishnamoorthy “Dr. Mehta”
Sheela Rajkumar“Raani”
Sai Dheena“Police Inspector Madhesh“
Fawaz Zayani“Avinash”
Pichaikkaran 2 Movie Download Moviesda 480p For Free

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