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All of us are creative, but when it comes to articles, you might struggle with the right topic. This is where we come in. We’re looking for guest posts on a range of topics to publish on our blog – and you could be the one who writes them.

About Wantyouknow.com 

Why should you write for us?

Wantyouknow.com (WYK) is a NEW website with DA 11 & PA 19. The is very much popular over the internet and has sufficient organic reach in various search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. In recent years the authority and organic reach of this website have been improving. Due to this Wantyouknow.com (WYK) is getting higher ranking day by day. We have the tier 1 countries traffic which helps you to reach new audiences and also adds an advantage in your branding and organic reach over on search results pages.

How does this work?

If you have an idea for a blog post, feel free to submit it to us! We’re always looking for new and interesting content, so we’re happy to consider anything you have to offer. Keep in mind that we do reserve the right to edit and adapt your submissions as necessary, but we’ll always work with you to make sure that your voice is heard.

Who can submit a blog post?

Anyone who has a passion for writing, a creative mind, and wants to share informative content with readers, can join us. 

What types of posts will we accept?

We have multiple topic websites and we accept all topics like Entertainment, Business, Technology, Home Improvement, Gaming, Digital Marketing, SEO, Dating, Travel, Pets, Home Decor, Food, Accidental, and Injuries, Law and Legal Real Estate, etc.

What are the Terms and conditions for submitting guest posts under write for us?

Below are the main Terms and conditions that you have to keep in mind –

  1. The article will be informative, and unique. (We will immediately reject your blog post if found copied from somewhere else)
  2. The article length will be 1000 words.
  3. You can put only 2 do-follow links in the article in a single post.
  4. Attached is a featured image in the article or with an attachment.

When will we publish your guest post on our blog or social media channels?

We will publish your guest post as soon as possible after we receive it. The editorial team will check and confirm if it matches our terms and conditions. We appreciate your interest in writing for us and look forward to reading your submission.

Where should you send or share guest posts on our platform with the world?

You can reach us directly by our Mail Us:- [email protected]/

Please don’t forget to visit Wantyouknow.com to keep publishing guest post articles or contributing tips to our team.